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Transportation for The Elderly and The Disabled

With the advancement of technology over the years, we are truly fortunate. Not only did it improve our lives but also simplified it. One of them is the ease of mobility. In recent years, facility and transportation companies are looking into ease of accessibility and mobility for wheelchair users and that includes car manufacturers.

Toyota has been producing Welcab variants over the years especially for people whose mobility is compromised such as the elderly or the disabled. They are an excellent choice for caregivers too since they are designed and built for that purpose. Let us take a look at the Toyota Sienta Welcab and assistive gadgets available.  

1. Toyota Sienta Welcab


Source: Jupiter Enterprise

The Toyota Sienta Welcab looks exactly like its sister model but comes with innovative features to ensure ease and comfort for the disabled and the elderly. Featuring rotating and tilting passenger seat, it makes it easier to enter and exit the car.

Source: Jupiter Enterprise

Here are some of its main features:

· Rotating and tilting seat mechanism – The passenger seat can be tilted downwards which makes it easier to enter and exit the car.

· Space-saving design – With a swivel-tilt design, only a small part of the seat protrudes from the car which makes it possible to use standard parking spaces.

· Ease of operating – No complicated controls. The tilt button is located on the left shoulder whilst the swivel lever is located on the lower left of the seat.

2. Modifying an Existing Car - Assistive Gadgets

If the Welcab series is not your cup of tea or you would much prefer a sedan, you can look into modifications to turn your car into a wheelchair-friendly vehicle. For instance:

Rotator knob attached to the steering wheel


Infra-red remote control on the steering wheel – allows user to activate the headlights, signal indicators, windscreen wipers


Hand-control gadget for accelerator/brake pedals


If you are planning to install assistive devices, read more about the requirements and guidelines here: Handicaps Welfare Association of Singapore | Land Transport Authority (LTA).


Disabled Persons Scheme by SG Enable

To assist new car-buyers, The Disabled Persons Scheme (DPS) is a means-tested scheme that supports Singapore Citizens with permanent physical disabilities who are unable to use public transport (i.e. bus and /or MRT) and require a vehicle to earn a living.

Eligible drivers are exempted from paying the premium for the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) and the Additional Registration Fee (ARF) when they purchase a vehicle.

Applicant must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Singapore Citizen

  • Medically certified as permanently disabled by doctors from TTSH and incapable of taking public transport, but fit to drive

  • Employed and need a vehicle to earn a living

  • Possesses a valid Class 3 Driving Licence

  • In the 30th income percentile or below where the household income does not exceed SGD$6,500 for a 4-member household

For more information: Disabled Persons Scheme.

Under this scheme, a Toyota Sienta Welcab costs SGD$50,800 nett from Jupiter Enterprise (as of 18 August, 2020).


With everything said, we hope that this guide is useful for anyone who is looking for a wheelchair-friendly car.          

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