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Battle of The MPVs: Toyota Sienta vs Honda Freed

MPVs are typically targeted towards families and focus more on capacity, storage, and safety rather than exterior and interior styling. As compared to the past, we have more options nowadays. In Singapore, two commonly seen MPVs are the Toyota Sienta and Honda Freed. Let us dive in and see how these two cars stand against each other.


As mentioned earlier, MPVs typically do not focus on their exterior styling. Looking at both cars, they have a tall and boxy look. Definitely do not expect the sleekness of a sedan or a sports car. Between these two, Sienta has a slight edge over Freed in terms of design, with the Freed having a much more conventional looking front-end.

Toyota Sienta:

Honda Freed:

In Japan, some restrictions have been put in place for cars in a certain category, especially for width, while height is of no issue. Hence, Japan’s MPVs tend to have a wider body since they are indifferent to the highly sought-after SUVs.

Here are the dimensions:

Toyota Sienta

Length: 4235mm, Width: 1695mm, Height: 1676m, Wheelbase: 2750mm

Honda Freed

Length: 4215mm, Width: 1695mm, Height: 1715m, Wheelbase: 2740mm


The use of plastics for both cars is kept to a minimum and in terms of cabin technology, they have pretty similar features. Both come equipped with push-start button, air filtration system, climate control, automated power windows, air filter systems, and so on. The only noticeable difference is the design of the dashboard. Freed has a relatively flat dashboard with a high mounted digital driver’s display, while the Sienta has a conventional speedometer dial.

Toyota Sienta:

Honda Freed:

Engine and Performance:

Both cars come with a 1.5L petrol engine and both in hybrid form. Freed has a 1.5L L15A whereas the Sienta has a 1.5L 2NR-FKR Dual VVT-i. The difference between these two; Sienta is more fuel-efficient, while Freed is more powerful. As for performance, Honda is well-known for producing more horsepower as compared to Toyota. In this case, the Honda Freed produces 130HP whilst the Toyota Sienta produces 100HP. Speed limit for both cars is limited to 180km/h. Not as if one can drive at that speed in Singapore without getting a ticket…

Price Comparison:

Here are the prices at JE:

(as of August 28, 2020)

Toyota Sienta Hybrid 1.5 X - $87,800

Toyota Sienta Hybrid G 1.5 X - $94,800

Toyota Sienta 1.5 X Welcab - $117,800

Honda Freed 1.5 X Hybrid - $105,800

JE’s Verdict:

So, which one should you buy? Aesthetics wise, it is up to individual’s preference. As the adage goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some individuals may prefer Sienta, some may prefer Freed. To make things easier, if fuel-efficiency and pricing matter, get the Sienta. If performance and aesthetics matter, get the Freed. At the end of the day, there is no one car that fits all the boxes.

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